The meeting will take place on three days from 12:45 UTC+1 to 19:00 UTC+1

Invited presentations will last 20 min followed by 5 min for talk-specific questions and slots for open discussion. A choice of contributed abstract will be selected for spotlight presentations, followed by a joint question time. Meeting will be recorded and the links to the videos will be added when available.

Day 1 – Tuesday October 6 2020 | Day 2 | Day 3

12:45 UTC+1


13:00 UTC+1

Tomas GRIGERA (La Plata, Argentina)
Static and dynamic criticality in midge swarms

Anna LEVINA (Tübingen, Germany)
Branching network approximation and optimal dynamic range

Open discussion

14:00 UTC+1

Paolo MASSOBRIO (Genova, Italy)
Searching for elements that make a cortical assembly Self-Organized Critical

Miguel MUÑOZ (Granada, Spain)
Hybrid collective excitability: where marginal synchronization, scale-free avalanches, and dynamical complexity live together

Open discussion

15:00 UTC+1

30 min break

15:30 UTC+1

Viktor JIRSA (Marseille, France)
Invariance and symmetry in brain network dynamics

Katharina GLOMB (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Harmonic modes as an organizational principle of the human cortex

Open discussion

16:30 UTC+1

60 min break (~Lunch for EDT time)

17:30 UTC+1

Kanika Bansal (New York, NY) – Cognitive connotations of neural avalanches in human brain dynamics
Daniel Korchinski (Calgary, Canada) – Criticality without time-scale separation between avalanche initiation and spreading
Joel Hochstetter (Sydney, Australia) – Avalanches and the edge-of-chaos in neuromorphic nanowire networks

18:00 UTC+1

Surya GANGULI (Stanford, CA)
Dynamic criticality in brains and machines: from perception in visual cortex to training deep networks. 

Dietmar PLENZ (Bethesda, MD)
Critical branching processes, neuronal avalanche scaling and oscillations

Closing discussion

19:00 UTC+1

End of day

Sydney (+10h)23:001:303:30+14:00+15:00+1
Jerusalem (+2h)15:0017:3019:3020:0021:00
Rome (+1h)14:0016:3018:3019:0020:00
London (UTC+1)13:0015:3017:3018:0019:00
Buenos Aires (-4h)9:0011:3013:3014:0015:00
Washington, DC (-5h)9:0010:3012:3013:0014:00
San Francisco (-8h)5:007:309:3010:0011:00

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