The meeting will take place on three days from 12:45 UTC+1 to 19:00 UTC+1

Invited presentations will last 20 min followed by 5 min for talk-specific questions and slots for open discussion. A choice of contributed abstract will be selected for spotlight presentations, followed by a joint question time. Meeting will be recorded and the links to the videos will be added when available.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 – Thursday October 8 2020

12:45 UTC+1


13:00 UTC+1

Joe LIZIER (Sydney, Australia)
Universalities in intrinsic information processing properties around criticality in many systems?

Demian BATTAGLIA (Marseille & Strasbourg, France)
Complex switching between information processing states in the hippocampus and enthorinal cortex

Open discussion

14:00 UTC+1

Tiago LINS-RIBEIRO (Bethesda, MD)
Trial-by-trial variability in cortical responses exhibits scaling in spatial correlations predicted from critical dynamics

Matias PALVA (Helsinki, Finland)
Critical bistability in human brain dynamics

Open discussion

15:00 UTC+1

30 min break

15:30 UTC+1

Chris MEISEL (Dresden, Germany)
Testing the criticality hypothesis in humans: pharmacologically manipulating the distance to criticality?

Michelle GIRVAN (College Park, MD)
Phase Transitions and Criticality in Biological Networks: Implications for Genes and Neurons

Open discussion

16:30 UTC+1

60 min break (~Lunch for EDT time)

17:30 UTC+1

Fabian Schubert (Frankfurt/Main, Germany) – Local homeostatic regulation of the spectral radius of echo-state networks
Shruti Naik (Saclay, France) – Richly Structured Event-Related Variability and its Development in Early Infancy
Arthur‐Ervin Avramiea (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – Pre-stimulus phase and amplitude regulation of phase-locked responses are maximized in the critical state

18:00 UTC+1

Conclusions, perspectives, announcements and plans

19:00 UTC+1

End of day

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