Virtual poster #28 – Critical Behavior near the edge between replay and not-replay, in a LIF Model with a Reservoir of Spatio-Temporal Oscillatory Patterns

by Silvia Scarpetta (Salerno). Many experimental results, both in-vivo and in-vitro, support the idea that the brain cortex operates near a critical point, and at the same time works as associative memory, with a reservoir of multiple precise spatio-temporal patterns. However the mechanisms at the basis of these observations are still not clear. We study a model of spiking neurons, with recurrent connections that result from learning a set of spatio-temporal periodic patterns with a spike-timing dependent plasticity rule and a global inhibition. We investigate the ability of the network to store and selectively replay multiple spatio-temporal patterns of spikes, with a combination of spatial population and phase-of-spike code. After the learning stage, we study the dynamics of the network induced by a brief cue stimulation, and we evaluate the storage capacity